Alta California

William Mohr-Sidney Mitchell, 1931/1931
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
Mohr Mitchell
Common Garden Variety

Full Description

TB 48″ M S6D

From Carl Salbach’s catalog for 1936: “First in the series of Sydney B. Mitchell triumphs in breeding for yellows, Alta California still holds its place as one of the most worth-while and sensational iris grown. It is tallest of all the new yellow iris and its branching qualifies it for “A” rating either as an individual stalk or as mass bloom.
Yellow iris have long been recognized as being the “spark” that brings out the fullest beauty of any iris garden, and Alta California serves this purpose to perfection. Our own planting forms a solid mass of rich yellow that stands out from the rest of the garden, yet blends with it perfectly. The only iris we have ever seen that could compete with a large planting of Alta California are the newer Mitchell yellows, California Gold, Sunol, Happy Days, and Naranja. All four however are distinct from Alta California in color tone. Texture so firm that neither wind nor rain mar its stately blossoms. An excellent variety for breeders, being one of the parents of Natoma, and four of our new “Berkeley” introductions.
Has been received as a sensation wherever tried, from New England, through the Mid-West to California – the better liked each year as the plantings increase to show its value in mass bloom.”

“From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1937: “Standards of clear yellow, falls of deep yellow, faintly bronzed. One of the tallest of all irises, very popular among the new yellows, a reliable performer in Minnesota as well as New England and California. The large blossoms are of firm smooth texture, produced on splendid stems.”

From Marble Falls Iris Gardens “One of the tallest and finest of the yellow iris. The standards are clear yellow with deeper yellow on the falls, faintly bronzed. These large blossoms are of firm smooth texture and a reliable bloomer.”

HM 1936.