Black Forest

R. Schreiner, 1944 /1945
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Border Bearded
Fall Color:
Black/Near Black
Standard Color:
Black/Near Black
Beard Color:
GG eligible - protected

Full Description


From Schreiner’s Iris Lover’s catalog for 1946: “One of our ultimate aims in hybridizing is to try and develop an iris “black as pitch.” For years we have been experimenting toward this goal. Our Black Forest is the most striking development we have flowered. It is several registers darker and deeper in color than any named variety we grow or have seen. Fresh blooms of Sable, Black Valor, Ethiop Queen and other famous blacks are all definitely lighter toned when compared directly. In color it is a rich, silky, ebony blue-black. The overall effect with the blue beard and solid haft is truly like the sable vested in night. For so deep a color it is bright and gleaming, decidedly not a dull iris. The flowers are medium sized, the stem is not tall, about 33 inches. Well substanced flowers, well carried, modified flare to nicely proportional falls. No markings in the haft. A real monotone in the deepest coloring of any iris.”

From Melrose Gardens catalog for 1968: “Listed as Border Bearded. Parent of many of the worlds more noble and larger black iris, this little one still holds its own and the blackness of its color is comparable to the best. Always popular.”

From Tell’s Iris Gardens 1951: “Not large or tall but very dark, almost black.”

From Cooley’s 1957: “‘Black as pitch’ says the introducer. A rich silky ebony blue black, the effect is intensified by a very solid haft and a blackish blue beard.”

(Dymia X Ethiop Queen), HM 1946, AM 1948.

Provenance: Picture of iris from Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, 2004.