Butterfly Wings

C.G. White, 1946
Iris Class:
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Light Blue
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
White CG
GG eligible - protected

Full Description

TB-OG 36″ M B2D*

From Lloyd Austin’s Rainbow Gardens catalog for 1952: “Yes, an Oncobred as beautiful and as captivating as wings of a tropical butterfly, veinings that come from its grandparent, Susiana. So, I picture for you a whole cluster of Butterfly Wings, like a swarm of freshly alighted butterflies. Above, the coloring is translucent lilac blue – below, it is rich parchment, veined in golden russet and deep carmine. Thus, these iris have the exotic charm of true Oncos, but unlike them, are borne on yard-high, well-branched stalks. A real accomplishment for Clarence White, but this need not be the trails end. This rare hybrid is fertile and I have a wide array of promising new seedlings just coming into bloom from Butterfly Wings X Rocket, Chivalry and other favorites of mine. Now you try it!”

((Pink Jadu x I. susiana) X (Theme x Sacramento)), HM 1947.

*Note: According to Sharon McAllister’s Arilbred Checklist: The 1949 Checklist includes a TB coded B2D (blue ground with blue feathering) and registered by White as “Butterfly Wings” in 1945, but no record of introduction. This is the one listed in catalogs from the 1950’s as a 1946 White introduction; Tell: “Porcelain blue (or blue-oyster shell) with falls heavily lined like a butterfly’s wings.” Rainbow: “Above, translucent lilac blue – below, rich parchment veined mulberry, crimson and russet.” Vallette: “S. pale wisteria blue; parchment F. veined rust and carmine, its stripes are quite dominant.”