Copper Lustre

James Kirkland R. 1931 / I. 1934
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
Available - not endangered

Full Description


From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1937: “Iris of the Century”
“Something new under the sun, never before an iris like it, not another comparable to it since it first opened in the Chancellor’s garden. Glistening and shimmering like a new penny, it commands the immediate attention of every visitor, for in addition to glowing and novel color it possesses size, height, excellent branched stalks, and lush foliage … all these features combined with complete hardiness.
This novelty was first shown to us in Chancellor Kirkland’s own garden in Nashville Tennessee, in 1935. The following spring we flowered it in our gardens and again viewed it elsewhere, with the result that we were so impressed with its beauty and individuality that we arranged with the introducer to acquire all of the remaining stock in his hands. We are indeed proud to offer this stock at a new low price so that a greater number of iris fanciers will be able to own it.”

From Quality Iris Gardens 1938 “M. 40″. A striking gold and copper blend, unlike anything else in commerce.
The flowers are large and well formed and sparkle in the sunlight like a new penny . $8 .00
H .M., A.l.S., 1935”.

From DeForest’s Irisnoll catalog for 1940: “A coppery blend. Dykes Medal winner, 1938. 30 inches.”

HM 1935, AM 1937, Dykes Medal 1938.


Provenance: Image 2 taken in garden of L Munro circa 2008; rhizome came from presby Iris Gardens; long time resident as part of the Dykes display.