Député Nomblot

Cayeux, 1929
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
Available - not endangered

Full Description

TB 34″ M S9M

From Cayeux’s catalog for 1931: “According to the opinions of the many Irises Specialists of all countries, we are allowed to consider this plant as one of our greatest achievements. An imposing giant of the greatest vigor, strong foliage, stout, firm, much branched spike over 4 feet, enormous blooms perfect in texture and form. S. light glowing rosy purple overlaid bronzy-gold. F. very wide, spreading, purplish-garnet red shading to lighter rosy-bronze at the edge with conspicuous veining ochre-bronze at throat and deep orange beard. We have dedicated this iris to Depute Nomblot, General Secretary of the Society Nationale d’Horticulture de France.” Pronounced: Day-pue-tay’ Nõme-Blow

From Quality Gardens catalog for 1931: A really magnificent iris of such great beauty of coloring, form and carriage that we find it difficult to do it justice. The flowers are large and well proportioned on very tall and widely branched stems. S. coppery red, flushed golden bronze. Falls wide and spreading, of a very rich shade of deep claret crimson. The entire flower seems lightly dusted with a fine golden powder which sparkles and glistens in the sunlight, giving the flower a hitherto unequaled richness of finish.
English and French experts acclaim this as Cayeux’s finest achievement. We regret that the name which would be most appropriate for this grand Iris has been in use many years; it should be called ‘King of the Iris’.”

From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1932: “The world’s greatest iris. Blooming for the first time in America during the season of 1930, it almost bowled over all who saw it. During the past season it has proven worthy of first impressions, and from England and France, as well as from all sections of this country, come songs of praise for this imposing giant of the race. Standards light glowing rosy-purple, overlaid bronzy-gold. Falls very wide, spreading, purplish garnet-red, shading to lighter rosy-bronze at the edge. Deep orange beard. Over four feet tall, wonderfully well branched. Depute Nomblot received a certificate of merit in 1929 at the Paris show, and in 1930 was awarded the Dykes medal.”

(Francheville X Bruno), FCC RHS 1938; AM AIS 1936; CM SNHF 1930; French Dykes Medal 1930.