Fire Magic

Schreiner 1961/1962
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
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Full Description

 Midseason bloom. Coppery red bitone; yellow-orange beard. Seedling# K-124-A X Trim’. Schreiner 1962. High Commendation 1961; Honorable Mention 1963.

From Schreiner’s catalog, 1962 (Introductory Catalog): FIRE MAGIC (Schreiner 1962) M. 42″. It is the consensus among iris hybridizers that the red iris are difficult to improve. Progress has been slow. But now and then persistence is rewarded and we are happy to announce a “great leap forward” in the quality of reds with the arrival of Fire Magic, our front cover iris. Not only is Fire Magic exceptionally red, exceptionally large, and most beautifully formed, but it is the first reel iris to equal the whites and blues in height and in excellence of branching. It is the tallest red with the best branched stem in our collection of reels. Individually, too, it is an elegant red predominantly copper-red with yellow orange beard. You will be astonished at the all-around quality of this massive luxuriant iris. Nothing like it in its color class has been seen before. Put it in a conspicuous spot in your iris planting. It belongs to the royalty of irisdom. Sdg. P 410-2. HC 1961. $25.00.