Ferdinand Cayeux, 1937
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
White Ground Blue/Purp Stitch
Standard Color:
White Ground Blue/Purp Stitch
Beard Color:
Lemon/Light Yellow
Cayeux F
Available - not endangered

Full Description

TB 30″ M W8M

From Rene Cayeux’s catalog for 1939: “Of the plicata type, this variety excessively floriferous, enormous flower of beautiful form and good consistance. White ground entirely striated and granited of clear lilac mauve. Sweet and charming colour. Height 3 feet.

From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1941: “A plicata that is really different! The white ground color is entirely dotted with soft blue, with such an overall effect that the flower seems quite submerged in flaky blue dust. Enormous in size, with good branching. From Cayeux.”

From Fairmount Iris Catalog 1946 ” M. The ground color is white. The flowers are evenly dotted and traced with clear lilac mauve¬† on the standards and the falls.¬† The effect is a frosty French blue flower of large size and good proportion.”

(Chaldee x Sigurd), CM & Special PrIze SNHF 1937, AM AIS 1940.