L Merton Gage 1932/1933
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Light Blue
Standard Color:
Light Blue
Beard Color:
Lemon/Light Yellow
GG eligible - protected

Full Description

From Quality Iris Gardens Catalog 1938 “M. 42″. A fine blue self, overlaid glistening white. The large flowers have slightly flaring falls
and domed standards and the extra heavy texture enables them to withstand wind, rain and sun. An outstanding variety . $5.00 H.M, A.l.S., 1933 A.M., A.l.S., 1935.”

From Wayman’s catalog 1939. 42″ Very Sweet Fragrance. Honorable Mention and award of Merit ¬†American Iris Society.¬†Very large flowers with semi-flaring falls measuring 7 inches across. S—domed, beautifully ruffled, very soft lobelia violet, so soft as to be almost white, but exquisitely dainty; F—same color, with an almost imperceptible soft greenish flush at the centre to add to its attractiveness. A frosty iridescence covers the entire flower.

From Cooley’s Catalog 1949: “An iris of huge size with pale blue petals. Wonderfully well formed and a noble flower, waved and ruffled. Sometimes called “ice blue”. HM 1933, AM 1935.

From Tell’s Iris Gardens Catalog 1951 “Light frosted blue, considered to be a great parent. but lovely in its own right.”