Golden Bear

Sydney B Mitchell 1936/1936
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
Mitchell SB
Believed Extinct

Full Description

From Carl Salbach catalog 1936: Introducing Golden Bear (Mitchell 193G). This attractive clear yellow completes Sydney B. Mitchell’s grand slam of placing a leader in each of tbe types of yellow iris. The glistening color of rich gold is the finest we have seen in any iris in commerce, and it is completely distinct in color and form from the other Mitchell yellows. Originally the name “Golden Bear” was used for a beautiful Sydney B. Mitchell yellow that was never marketed because of its persistent habit of blooming with open standards. The new variety now bearing the name “Golden Bear” is identical in color and similar in form to the orlginal “Golden Bear”, but with closed, domed standards. Taller and more than twice as large as Pluie ‘d Or, with color as rich, and clearer. Has never shown any tendency to fade. Possesses no Dykes blood, and consequently of distinct form of bloom. Well-hranchecl stalks. Mid-season. 36-inch. $10.00.

From Fairmount Gardens catalog, 1938/39: GOLDEN BEAR (Mitchell 1936) A very well branched, clear golden yellow coming from the Pacific coast. A yellow with no Dykes blood, and consequently very different in color from the other yellows produced by Profesor Mitchell. H . M., A.I.S. 1937. 3 ft. $5.00.