Happy Faun

S. Hirao by B. Hager, R. 1977 / I. 1978
Iris Class:
Fall Color:
Dark Blue
Standard Color:
Dark Blue
Hirao by Hager
Believed Extinct

Full Description

JI 30″ ML 3-F

From Melrose Gardens catalog for 1978: “Dr. Hirao sent several seedlings to us a few years ago for introduction. He specifically wanted English language names for them. This and the following are the first two we have chosen to bring you. Happy Faun is a single with the symmetrical form so much admired in Japan. Rather short stems, 30″, give an over-view of these flowers and emphasize its attributes to best advantage. Haft-touching width and fluttering petal edges grace the arching falls. The style arms and the crests and the short, fat standards form a cup in the center of the flower that can only be called neat. The color is medium purple; deep yellow signals.”