I. Albicans

Lange, 1860 collected S. Arabia.
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Before 1900
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Lemon/Light Yellow
Common Garden Variety

Full Description

collected S. Arabia. Sometimes referred to as Yemmen I. in old texts.


From Cornell Extension Bulletin 112: “(Described by Lange, 1860). Color effect a clear white self. S. and F. are white, reticulated amber yellow at extreme base. The segments are slender and smooth in their surface texture.

This variety lacks hairs on the claw of the standards, thus distinguishing itself from Florentina. The narrowed hafts and yellow inner beard give an open effect to the bloom. The plant is floriferous, tho the numerous stems are only of medium height. Its stiff, green foliage is persistent in winter. The early bloom and the purity of its flowers offset its slight lack of robust growth, though it is very hardy in well-drained, slightly protected situations. Rating 73.”

Comments: “One of the distinguishing characteristics of albicans is the perfectly pyramidal standards as it opens. This lovely symmetry is soon lost though as the poor substance leaves the bloom quickly looking messy, as my series of photos shows. A chapter of Clarence Mahan’s book Classic Irises and the Men and Women Who Created Them lays out the argument that I. albicans and Florentina are growing under transposed names in large parts of the world. Check out this great book for all the details on this fascinating story.” – Mike, WA