Ministre Fernand David

Cayeux, 1930
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
Cayeux F
GG eligible - protected

Full Description

TB 36″ LaM B7

From the Cayeux et LeClerc catalog for 1930: “A very large flower perfect in shape and of fine substance. S. luminous bright reddish-purple. F. intensely warm velvety dark reddish-purple, a much magnified ‘Germaine Perthuis’ but of richer coloring and much larger. A wonderful free bloomer, vigorous robust constitution and most strong rigid stems, 3 feet. One of our best production(s).”

From Quality Gardens catalog for 1931: “(M??-n??str Fair-nan D? – v??d) A massive flower of perfect form and heavy substance. S. silky reddish purple. F. glowing velvety dark red purple. A much improved Germaine Perthuis, but of richer coloring and much larger and more striking. This iris was first secured by us when we visited the Cayeux and Le Clere [sic] Nurseries in 1928, when it was temporarily called President Pilkington. This bore the number 4196 in our garden last summer, which will identify it to our many visitors who admired it. We are the only American firm privileged to list it this year. $35.00”

From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1932: “A masterpiece in deep, rich, dark purple. This recent French introduction received much praise when first seen in Mrs. Pattison’s garden at Freeport, Ill., and at that time it was called “President Pilkington”. A huge, well shaped flower, that has been awarded many certificates and prizes abroad.”

From The Longfield Iris Farms catalog for 1936: “A massive flower of superb form and texture. S. silky red purple. F. velvety glowing dark red purple. 38 inches.”

From Oakhurst Gardens catalog for 1939: “A large luminous red-wine purple self of excellent form and rich texture. One of the most outstanding varieties in my garden. 38 in.”

Cert. of Merit S.N.H.F. and Special Prize as one of three best Iris of year 1930.