Mme Chereau

LĂ©mon, 1844
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Before 1900
Fall Color:
White Ground Blue/Purp Stitch
Standard Color:
White Ground Blue/Purp Stitch
Beard Color:
Available - not endangered

Full Description

TB 32″ M W2

From the Cornell Extension Bulletin 112 (1925): “Color effect a lavender-white plicata. S. White bordered hortense violet, beautifully ruffled. F. white, with deeper hortense violet, slightly purplish tinged plications.

The base of the blade becomes cream-white with a waxen sheen. The styles are showy, hortense violet, and the beard is dense, white, and yellow tipped. The growth is moderate, and the foliage lax, slender, and green. The flowering stalks are tall and well branched, and carry the smallish blooms well above the compact foliage. The delicate coloring, the clear penciling, and the symmetrical form of the individual bloom have not been rivaled by the productions of the modern hybridist. This is one of the best ten, and absolutely lovely, despite its low rating of 74.”

‘HONEST ERROR’ ALERT: The picture labeled Mme. Chereau in The World of Iris is actually of Swerti (pg. 100). Mistaken identification will occur, as it did in a bouquet at the HIPS 2000 Annual Meeting. (ROOTS Fall 2000, pg. 34; HIPS General Meeting Minutes.)

HC RHS 1893 & 1916.