Mme. Henri Cayeux

Ferdinand Cayeux, 1924
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
Cayeux F
GG eligible - endangered

Full Description

TB 40″ La S9D

From Cayeux et LeClerc’s catalog for 1927: “Madame Henri Cayeux S. smoky reddish-violet, F. velvety dark crimson lighted on the edges, with light reticulations at the throat. Brown-yellow beards. Very strong stems. Of the same type as Ambassadeur, but dissimilar. Height 3½ feet.”

From Indian Springs Farms catalog for 1931: “A large handsome Iris. S. reddish, violet-purple; F. dark purple, edges lighter. 3½ ft.”

From Robert Wayman’s Iris Catalog for 1932: “A handsome large flower, of perfect form and texture, rich smoky reddish violet standards and dark velvety crimson falls. Given an award of merit by the French National Horticultural Society.”

From Quality Gardens catalog for 1934: “(On-ree Kay-yuh) M. 36″. A handsome variety of Ambassadeur type with very large flowers. S. reddish, violet purple. F. very deep, velvety blackish purple. We like this much better than Ambassadeur because it has better carrying effect in the garden. The standards of Ambassadeur are so light colored that it gives a sort of a washy effect from a distance.”

Note: For a brief period of time, AIS ‘renamed’ to abbreviated titles. So while Cayeux named it ‘Madame’, it is recorded in the AIS-CL as ‘Mme.’

(Black Prince X Alcazar), CM SNHF 1924.

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