Mystic Melody

J. Stevens, 1949/1951
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
Stevens J
GG eligible - protected

Full Description

TB 39″ M Y6D

From the Stevens Bros. catalog for 1952-53: “Proud as we are to have raised Pinnacle and Summit with their sensational and wholly new colour combination, we are equally proud to have raised this less sensational but no less lovely iris. Mystic Melody is a sister seedling of Summit, and while the contrast between the standards and falls is as great, the sharpness of the contrast has been muted and softened by the smooth cream standards and the richer deep gold of the falls. This beautiful mellow quality is intensified by the softer outline of Mystic Melody’s form which surrenders the dignity of the classic shape for the charm of gentle ruffling.

Though the flowers are really large, one is not conscious of their size owing to perfect proportions, and to the smooth purity of the cream and rich gold colour. If we were given the choice of one iris, and only one for our garden this lovely iris would be our selection. It has the ethereal beauty of the pale blues, the brightness of the golds, the grandeur of the richer colours, and the purity of the finest white iris, and no other iris we have seen possesses all these attributes. We have often been asked which is our favorite iris, and we have not been able to answer the question. But here we have found it, and it is Mystic Melody.”

(Fair Elaine X ((Lagos x (Gudrun x sdlg))), HM 1952.