Jacquin, 1797
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Before 1900
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Lemon/Light Yellow
Available - not endangered

Full Description

TB 48″ M B7L

From Cornell Extension Bulletin 112: “(A form of ). Color effect a pallid violet self. S. lavender-violet, reticulated brownish on the purple tinged claw. F. pleroma violet, lighter on outer haft but not noticeably so from a distance. Reticulations chestnut brown, slightly tinged purple. Beard white, conspicuously orange tipped at base.

“This sort is a vigorous to rampant grower and has stiff, broad, glaucous-green leaves. The flowering stalks are tall, bearing their crowded blooms in compact, short-branching heads. This variety is more violet than is Princess Beatrice. Slight granulations occur on the falls near the outer beard. The standards do not frill white in heat. It is a good self, with long stems and excellent fragrance.”

From Rainbow Gardens catalog for 1925: “Uniform shade of rich lavender blue, sweetly scented. Very tall, stout stems; flowers very large and very beautiful. Attracts great attention on account of its size, beauty and sweet scented qualities. 4ft.”

From Treholme Gardens catalog for 1928: “A lavender-blue pallida, almost a self; sweetly scented. Strong growing glaucous foliage. A stately and handsome variety on the landscape.”