Ola Kala

J. Sass, R&I 1942
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Standard Color:
Beard Color:
Orange/Deep Yellow
Sass J
Available - not endangered

Full Description

TB 36″ M Y4D

From Maple Valley Iris Gardens catalog for 1945: “The name Ola Kala is modern Greek for O.K. and it has proved itself well. A grand, deep yellow self that has won many friends. Stock is scarce and in great demand.”

From Mission Gardens catalog for 1946: “This is a recent origination that has met with a most favorable reception. A very lovely, deep yellow; medium large ruffled flowers on well branched stems.”

From Schreiner’s Iris Lover’s catalog for 1947: “This is one of the best deep yellows. So intensely yellow it is almost on the orange side. Rich in color, brilliant in effect. A flaring, lightly ruffled flower on tall stem withstanding weather to a very great degree. It is an iris people talk about and this is high praise indeed as we have an abundance of good yellow iris and when one stands out it must be good.”

From National Iris Gardens catalog for 1948: “Really O.K. A grand deep yellow ruffled self that has excellent growing habits and is vivid as a blinding summer noon sun. Tied for Dykes Medal in 1946, runnerup in 1947.”

From Lyon’s Irisland catalog for 1949: “A really grand yellow of the deepest shades, in fact it could almost be called orange. In addition to the vivid deep orange yellow coloring, this flower is beautifully ruffled. In form the standards are closed, falls are semi-flaring and gracefully carried on exceptionally well branched stems. Holds up well under adverse weather conditions.”

From Long’s Gardens catalog for 1953: “… Voted the most popular iris grown in 1952.”

(Prairie Sunset x . . . ) X (Golden Age x . . . ), HM 1943, AM 1945, Dykes Medal 1948.