Dave Hall, R. 1951 / I. 1952
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Tall Bearded
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Hall, David
Available - not endangered

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TB 36″ M

From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1952: “Related to the pinks – it’s a seedling of Hi Time – the only suggestion of pink is in the standards. The falls are pale ivory with an amber copper shoulder and thin band all the way around. Beard is like a bonfire, rich, redder and more dominant than the illustration alongside, although this is a really excellent portrayal of this variety. For size, form, branching, substance, and truly marvelous color this is indeed supreme.” From Cooley’s 1959: “One of the Five Iris of the Year for 1959.”

From Syllmar Gardens catalog for 1956: “Related to the pinks and a seedling of Hi Time, yet so different! An iris unusual in its color arrangement. The falls are light ivory with an amber haft and a thin band of amber around the entire edge. There is a suggestion of pink in the standards. The beard of rich orange-red completes the lovely color harmony. The blooms are large with fine form, substance and branching. Supremely beautiful.”

From Walter Marx Gardens catalog for 1956: “We first saw this marvelous creation in 1951 the year before introduction labeled seedling No. 49-26. Its beauty and unique color simply enthralled us. Falls are ivory white with a buffy apricot border. Standards are pinkish buff. The large blooms are highlighted by a flamingo orange beard. From the Flamingo Pink line of breeding this super iris will delight every iris lover. Simply breathtaking under artificial light.”

From Schreiner’s Iris Lover’s catalog for 1958: “One of the most striking Iris, most aptly named. Standards are flushed palest pink, falls pale ivory with a copper amber shoulder and trim around each petal. Bright beard. Outstanding.”

From Lloyd Austin’s catalog for 1958: “Color pattern so distinct it stands out. Standards coppery pink sharply contrasting with ivory falls prominently bordered in coppery amber. Beard rich red-tangerine, bright as a bonfire, wonderfully effective against ivory falls. A huge Iris of splendid form and substance, with such a marvelous color effect that it will indeed transform any garden. Some feel that the Flamingos are too much alike, but Palomino has no counterpart. To see it is to want it!” Also notes it was a runner-up for the Dykes Medal in 1956.

From Marble Iris Gardens catalog for 1962: “Falls of very pale ivory with an amber-copper shoulder, and thin band all the way around. There is a suggestion of pink in the standards. The beard is bright and brilliant. For size, substance and branching, and truly marvelous color this is supreme.”

(Hi Time X sdlg. 46-31), HM 1942, AM 1954.