Dr Rudolph Kleinsorge, 1943
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Tall Bearded
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Available - not endangered

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TB 36″ M R7D

From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1943: “Dark but very brilliant, almost true crimson red. A decided self, with long cone shaped closed standards. Now that many new near red irises are coming to us each year, we must exercise caution before introducing another. We grew the best reds obtainable for comparison, with the result that we were convinced beyond doubt that Ranger is in a class all by itself. Nearest to it is Red Valor. One of the last to bloom, a sure producer of flowers, and lots of them, with straight stems and fine branching. Very large, to 36 inches tall.”

From Tell’s Iris Gardens catalog for 1951: “Splendid smooth red. Good everywhere. Providing a worthwhile though difficult, parent.”

(((Rebellion x King Tut) x (Purissima x Dolly Madison)) X Garden Magic), HM 1944, AM 1946.

FAKE ALERT! This lovely iris which is a true NOID (no idea what the name is) has been masquerading as Ranger for many years. It matches the description but its not correct . Note the slight bitone, narrower hafts as well as the older form and golden beard (instead of self or rust). This NOID is estimated to be a  30’s introduction whose identity has been lost at this time.This color red as displayed by Numa Roumestan  and Dauntless,hit the iris community  c.1930 and following these intros,were a flurry of new reds with older form, (of course…many names were lost because of that population explosion).This particular iris is not only attractive it is quite hardy so I am quite certain it is still growing in older iris plantings, with or without its true name. Suggestions or leads on the name please contact the [email protected]..

Ranger fake bed 9