Sierra Skies

Schortman, R. 1952 / I. 1954
Iris Class:
Bearded Class:
Tall Bearded
Fall Color:
Medium Blue
Standard Color:
Medium Blue
Beard Color:
GG eligible - endangered

Full Description

TB 40″ M

From Tell’s Iris Gardens catalog for 1954: “In the medium blue class this is nearest spectrum blue of any bearded iris we have seen. The large, beautifully formed flowers are carried to perfection on heavy 38-inch stalks. We cannot praise this fine blue too highly. From a hybridizer who specializes in blues and the first, after long years of breeding, he felt confident was exceptional enough to name. Surely a superb first introduction.”

From Fleur de Lis Gardens catalog for 1957: “A medium blue that is very close to true spectrum blue. Very fine as we saw it at last year’s Convention. The stalks are tall, strong and well branched and the flowers are large and beautifully formed with heavy substance and fine finish.

From Schreiner’s Iris Lovers Catalog 1958″Picture this fine new blue of imposing classic size on tall well branched, ideally proportioned stems. The al lover quality of perfection of each graceful flower add up to¬† asplendid creation. Medium blue incolor and one of the very few such flowers of this color so deep and true a blue.”
AM 1956

Registered as: (Chivalry X lt. blue sdlg from Sierra Blue).
Tell’s introduction lists: ((Santa Barbara x Sierra Blue) X Chivalry), HM 1954, AM 1956.