AIS Bulletin Table of Contents Index Bulletins #1-355

Jack Finney has scanned the complete TOC from the first bulletin, June, 1920 thru October 2009. Searchable in either the MS Word or PDF file.


A note from Jack;

Dear Friends,

I have just completed a project that has literally been years in the making. I scanned the tables of contents (TOCs) of all the American Iris Society Bulletins with Optical Character Recognition software so that you can use the Search function in Microsoft Word to look for articles on a particular subject. The software wasn’t very good, so some of the formats got weird, and I had to almost retype a lot of the first 80 or so TOCs because the paper had deteriorated so badly. It was a chore, and the result is not pretty, but it is serviceable. The scholar in me just couldn’t stand for all the wisdom in the Bulletins not to be readily accessible to those who wanted to use it. Of course, the AIS’s official indexing project continues, and someday it will offer much more than my work provides.

John R. “Jack” Finney, PhD

To save the files to your computer right click on the catalog you wish to download and select ‘save link as’. The Text file (.txt) will open with MSWord or other text editing programs. The PDF file will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is standard on most operating systems. If you do not have this program it can be downloaded for free at Both documents are keyword searchable using ‘Control + F’ (‘apple + F’ for Mac users).

AISB-1-355-index.pdf (2.2 mb)
AISB-1-355-index.txt (796 kb)

For information on acquiring copies of the articles you are interested in reading please contact the AIS Librarian: Tracy Plotner, P.O. Box 250, Molalla, OR 97038-0250
Phone: 503-829-3102 eMail: [email protected].

The library charges 10 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color copies, plus postage. A bill is sent with the materials – please send a check or money order back to the library when they are received.

Photocopies of AIS Bulletins #1-20 are available thru the HIPS Shoppe. Cost is $5 each and includes postage.