Frequently Asked Questions about HIPS


Frequently Asked Questions about HIPS


[Illustration is the cover of the Templin Company catalog for 1907]
Who can help me locate old irises?

Contact our Retail Irises Chair at [email protected]

Where can I buy historic irises?

Contact our Retail Irises Chair at [email protected]
See commercial listing in ROOTS.
Visit our new Historic Iris Marketplace (located under Resources)
Watch for the HIPS Iris Sale in the summer. Details will be posted on the website.
Visit the Forum area to chat with other members about swapping and sharing irises..

Where can I buy back issues of ROOTS or other iris reference materials?

Visit our Shop, where you will find back issues of ROOTS and many other publications.

How do I renew my membership??

Contact our Membership Chair at [email protected]
You can log into our account here on the HIPS site and renew online.

Where can I see historic iris displays?

See the Display Gardens web page.

Who can help with identification of old irises?

Visit the Identification Assistance section of our website.
Visit our HIPS Iris ID Help Facebook page.

I live outside the U.S. How do I get iris information and/or plants?

Contact our Immediate Past President at [email protected].