Frequently Asked Questions about our Website

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The Website looks odd on my monitor, what can I do to make it bettter?

 Computers often display the same text and images differently depending on your personal settings. For best viewing, set your screen size resolution to 1024 x 768, open your browser window as large as possible, and close any unneeded toolbars. Adjusting the size your font is displayed at may also help.

How do I submit content to be included on the Website?

 Please e-mail your photos or articles to the Webmaster. Original high-res, uncut photos are prefered. This makes it easy to resize for different needs. Articles are preferred to be sent as a Word document or copy & pasted into the body of an e-mail.

How do I submit photos to the ID Assistance program?

 See the Communication center for the ID Assistance Program forum. If you do not have a computer, please send hardcopy photos and detailed descriptions of your iris noids to the Webmaster. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like them returned. The Webmaster will scan your photos and upload them to the website on your behalf, and will mail any information gained about them to you.

Why do the Website’s buttons not appear for me?

 This is a mystery I have been unable to solve. Currently four members are experiencing this problem, and there seems to be no correlation between what operating systems or software they are using. Text-link navigation bars have been set up to make the Website operate for these members.

Did you know?

 In the photo galleries, some of the names in the parentage listings are linked to the page for that variety. Just click to jump to that variety.