Game: Printing Instructions

Configuring your browser to print correctly
Many browsers are configured to not print out backgrounds on web page. If this is the case, the crosswords will not print correctly. The grid and black boxes will not be printed. To correct this, simply adjust your browser settings.

Instructions for PC’s:


Internet Explorer

In your browser menu, select Tools and then Internet Options.

On the next screen, click the Advanced tab. Scroll down on the next page to Printing and make sure Print background colors and images is checked/enabled.


In your NetScape browser, select File and then Page Setup. Make sure the Print backgrounds option is checked on the next page.


In your Opera browser, select File and then Print Options. Make sure Print background is checked on the next page.


In your Mozilla browser, select File and then Page Setup. Make sure Print backgrounds (colors & images) is checked on the next page.

This will ensure the crossword puzzles print correctly. Other browsers should have a similar option. Locate the option and make sure printing of backgrounds is enabled.

Instructions for Mac:


Internet Explorer

Explorer is the only browser I have found that will print the background on macs (if you know how to make one of the others do it please let me know!). Select File and then Print Preview. Check the box at the bottom for print background, uncheck the box for headers and footers, then select Print at the top and proceed as usual.