Verse: My Iris Friends

alcazarMy Iris Friends

Oh, the wondrous joys of summer,
As they yearly come to me!
When the iris is in blossom,
Let me then from care be free
To go out into the garden,
Talk awhile with them and dream –
Oh, my dear and graceful fairies
Very wonderful you seem.

In the morning, all are radiant,
Fair and stately in the sun,
And I hasten out to greet them
Robed in splendor – every one.
How I wish my friends could meet them,
Since their greeting is the same
To either friend or stranger,
We call them each by name.

Gowned in pearly satin, Fairy
Sapphires, topaz at her throat,
Much admired – light and airy,
From her sweetest perfumes float.
Dear Celeste in dainty azure,
Courted by the White Night true,
With a green sword he defends her,
Watching her the whole day through.

Jaquesiana – gorgeous fellow –
Standing with a gaudy crowd!
They don’t mix muh with the others,
Who’ve proclaimed their colors loud.
Caterina, – woundrous beauty –
Side by side with Oraflamme,
Alcazar and Edouard Michel
Violet Queen and Tamberlan.

I am happier for their presence,
Groups of lavender and blue,
For their lavish gifts and treasure
And their ways so fine and true –
Gifts of beauty without measure,
Gifts of fragrance all so rare;
And we thank the One who gives us
Glorious sunshine, flowers fair.

by Katherine Fellows
[From ‘Fleur-De-Lis – A Flower of Song’ by Walter Stager]

Photo: Alcazar, © LM