Reprint: Five Iris of the Year

author uncredited

These are the selections of the Association of Iris Growers of America for the five outstanding iris for 1957.

They are chosen by the growers for their excellent growth habits, their known quality, and their popularity with customers. All are fairly new varieties, having been introduced within the last ten years. They have all become plentiful enough to be sold at prices within the range of the average gardener.

Agus Pheasant – This rich russet brown beauty ranked sixth last year in the American Iris Society’s popularity poll. It was the Dykes Medal winner in 1952.

Melody Lane – Glistening golden apricot with tangerine beard; heavy substance; large; good form. It won an Award of Merit in 1952.

Pinnacle – White and primrose yellow bicolor – the standards pure white and the falls yellow; good form, heavy substance, good branching. It won an Aard of Merit from the American Iris Society in 1951; was high on the popularity poll last year.

Pierre Menard – Large, medium to dark violet blue; ruffled; flaring falls. It won an Award of Merit in 1950, and has been high on the popularity poll several years.

Pink Sensation – Deep flamingo pink, with a touch of yellow on the hafts; large. Won an Award of Merit in 1952.

~ Reprinted from Flower & Garden magazine for Mid-America, June 1957.