Robert Wayman’s Royal Fifty

The Crown Jewels of Irisdom

Reprinted from the Flower Grower, July 1937

Crown Jewels are always the finest in the realm. The famous Koh-I-Noor diamond now graces the crown of England’s queen, and many another famous gem has found a permanent home in a royal crown. Just as the lapidarian chooses with infinite pains the most perfect jewels for a crown, so I have selected for my “Royal Fifty”, iris of the most enchanting shades and blends and the most perfect form and texture.

I have grown and tested every worthwhile variety that has appeared in the last quarter century, more than three thousand in all. I have raised additional thousands of seedlings, the result of my own hybridizing. The fifty varieties offered below represent those which have survived every test I could give them. They are the “Crown Jewels of Irisdom”.

Clara Noyes

BLUE VELVET: 46″ The entire flower seems to be cut out of velvet; the color is an intense deep blue. .35

BRONZE BEACON: 50″ LATE. S glowing golden bronze, the velvety falls are indian lake with heavy bronze veining at the throat. .50

BUECHLEY’S GIANT: 50″ EARLY S soft lilac, F flaring soft violet. Huge, brilliant flowers of perfect form. .75

CARNELIAN: 48″ VERY EARLY A mammoth red toned bi-color with perfectly formed flowers measuring 7 inches from tip to tip. .75

CLARA NOYES: 38″ EARLY A rich blend of “Talisman rose” colors. .35

DAUNTLESS 40″ WINNER of DYKES MEMORIAL MEDAL, HIGHEST INTERNATIIONAL HONOR. One of the finest and purest red-toned Irises introduced to date. Sold for 35.00 for a single plant a few years ago. .75

DEPUTE NOMBLOT 32″ WINNER of DYKES MEMORIAL MEDAL, generally considered the finest iris in the world. Of gigantic size and perfect form and texture. S – coppery red, flushed golden bronze; F – rich claret crimson. The entire flower seems to be lightly dusted with fine golden powder .50

Easter Morn

DESERT GOLD 30″ FRAGRANT EARLY AWARD of MERIT American Iris Society. Fine free flowering soft yellow, large size and perfect form. .35

EASTER MORN 48″ EARLY VERY FRAGRANT. Sparkling white, with a satiny sheen and a glowing yellow centre. AWARD of MERIT American Iris Society. Full flaring falls. 1.00

FRIEDA MOHR 42″ EARLY FRAGRANT. A deep pink of perfect form, the huge flowers being seven inches across. CONSTANT PRIZE WINNER. Delicious Locust fragrance. .25

GOLDILOCKS 36″ EARLY VERY FRAGRANT Very fine yellow with a lustrous silky sheen, the smoothest possible texture, exquisite fragrance and pefect form. Long flowering season. .35

G.P. BAKER 48″ WINNER of a SILVER MEDAL as well as THE DYKES MEMORIAL MEDAL S – rich primrose yellow; F – canary yellow. Gigantic flowers on profusely blooming stalks. .50

GRACE STURTEVANT 36″ Rich red brown and carmine blend. Very fine. Recently sold for $40.00. .35

GUYASUTA 32″ EARLY New deep rich red purple uniform coloring throughout. Large finely formed flowers of heavy substance. .75

INDIAN CHIEF 40″ EARLY This variety, created seven years ago is still on of the outstanding brilliant red-toned Iris. At that time it sold for a very high price, but I now have sufficient stock of this magnificent Iris to sell it at a price that is within the reach of all. It is a gigantic, velvety red-toned bicolor .20

Mary Geddes

KING TUT 34″ New blazing red toned Iris. Hard to beat. .20

LIBERTY BELL 30″ White with red toned feathering FIRST PRIZE BOSTON SHOW. .25

MARY GEDDES 36″ DYKES MEMORIAL MEDAL 1936. A blending of lovely soft pink tones, overlaid Pomeranian Red. Eight to ten flowers to a stalk. 1.50

MELDORIC 50″ HONORABLE MENTION AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY A blue black of colossal size. 1.00

MOON MAGIC 40″ HONORABLE MENTION AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY, FRAGRANT. A fine new soft yellow with flaring falls. .35

NENE 38″ THE LARGEST AND ONE OF THE FINEST. Flowers 9 to 10 ” long, with petals of heavy texture. S – soft lilac F – old rose. .75

PALE MOONLIGHT 4 ft. New soft sky blue of gigantic size. As many as six huge flowers open at one time. 1.00

Pale Moonlight

PAULETTE 54″ The tallest and one of the largest and finest light blue bi-colors with flaring falls. .35

PERSIA 46″ FRAGRANT Unique blending of deep colors; glistening silky texture. .35

PINK SATIN 46″ HONORABLE MENTION AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY. Tall large, smooth soft pink toned Iris. .75

PRESIDENT PILKINGTON 46″ AWARD OF MERIT, FRENCH NATIONAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. Flowers large and pefectly formed. S – soft buff, with a faint blue suffusion; F – lavender blue, with a buff suffusion. .35

PURISSIMA 48″ EARLY Pure snow white of perfect form and substance. .20

QUEEN ANNE 36″ EARLY Cream colored, with a faint bronze over cast. Flaring falls of the same color prominently veined pansy violet with old gold veining. .35

RAMESES 40″ WINNER DYKES MEMORIAL MEDAL 1932. A blending of tourmaline pink and soft yellow, with a pronounced yellow glow at the centre. .25

RED DOMINION 42″ FRAGRANT HONORABLE MENTION AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY, A find red-toned variety with clear, lustrous deep red standards and full flaring velvety red falls. .40

RED RADIANCE 38″ HONORABLE MENTION AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY. A new, rich glowing red. Sold for 35.00 in 1932. .75

ROSE PETAL 48″ SWEETLY SCENTED Clear uniform deep rose petal pink Very lovely. .35

RUBEO 48″ S – deep glistening rose; F – broad, heavy textured, deep maroon. Large flowered. Well branched. Very free flowering. .75

SAN FRANCISCO 44″ EARLY WINNER of the DYKES MEMORIAL MEDAL. A massive flower of perfect form. White, with a feather stitched edging lavender blue. .25


SANTA BARBARA 40″ Early AWARD OF MERIT FROM THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY, ENGLAND Pure lavender blue of gigantic size and perfect form. .15

SENSATION 4 ft. FRAGRANT New, clear aniline blue. A perfect flower of gigantic size with flaring falls; Prodigious bloomer. .35

SERENADE 30″ A real gem of a pink toned variety. .25

SHAH JEHAN 38″ AWARDED A BRONZE MEDAL BY THE IRIS SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. A multicolored Iris, S – soft creamy-buff edged soft lavender and suffused grey, gradually fading to almost pure white as the flower opens; F – deep, rich ruby-red, with snow white border. 1.00

SHASTA 40″ EARLY Gigantic snow white; prodigious bloomer. .20

SHINING WATERS 4 to 5 feet EARLY VERY SWEET FRAGRANCE Clear uniform sky-blue of a most delightful shade. 1.50

SIERRA BLUE 50″ WINNER OF THE DYKES MEMORIAL MEDAL 1935, Refined clear soft blue of good substance, perfect form, enormous size and smooth texture. 2.00

SILVER SWAN 32″ EARLY A magnificent soft yellow changing to creamy white, S – beautifully filled; F -veined old gold. Prodigious bloomer. Rugged grower. .35

SIR MICHAEL 48″ S – clear heliotrope; F – rich red purple suffused coppery brown. .25

SITKA 48″ EARLY, VERY FRAGRANT. Pure white on tall stalks. Fine form and good texture, with straight hanging falls. 1.00

SUNLIGHT 36″ Large fine soft yellow. .35

VENUS DE MILO 44″ FRAGRANT A gigantic pure snow white, a perfect flower in every way. .35

Wm. Mohr

VERT GALLANT 50″ WINNER OF [french] DYKES MEMORIAL MEDAL Prodigious bloomer, producing 4 to 5 flowering stalks, to a single rhizome. S – soft rose; F – dahlia carmine, with a margin of the same color as the standards. A magnificent mass effect. .75

WACONDA 36″ HONORABLE MENTION AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY. A very fine new Iris in fuchsia red. .25

WAMBLISKA 48″ FRAGRANT HONORABLE MENTION AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY. A giant white of perfect form and heavy texture. .25

WM. MOHR 26″ The finest Pogocyclus Hybrid. Soft violet, veined with manganese violet. Very large and handsome. .35

[All illustrations from Robert Wayman Iris catalog for 1940]