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Game: Dyke’s Medal Winners

Dyke’s Medal Winners Find these iris names in the jumble below See their pictures in our Dykes Medal gallery (under References in the reading Room). K Y W R I [...]

Game: Printing Instructions

Configuring your browser to print correctly Many browsers are configured to not print out backgrounds on web page. If this is the case, the crosswords will not print correctly. The [...]

Verse: From Lloyd Austin’s Contest

From Lloyd Austin’s Rainbow Offerings catalog for 1951: “To help us all to occaisionally get away from the material realities of life, let us give thought to the poetic expression [...]

Verse: Iris by Michael Strange

Iris by Michael Strange White Iris, how pure, how lovely, Like a virgin In her starched lawn fete dress Iris, pallid blue, gold veined, And as if coloured from dawn [...]

Verse: Iris Flower

Iris Flower Iris Flower, what can you tell Of the mysteries that dwell In the opal depths of your fragile shell? Is it some Fairy whose wand has spun Those [...]

Verse: Iris Time by Anne Spicer

Iris Time by Anne H Spicerwritten June 18, 1917 from ‘Fleur-De-Lis – A Flower of Song’ by Walter StagerIt’s iris time! It’s iris time! ‘Twixt tulip-days and rose, The garden [...]

Verse: My Iris Friends

My Iris Friends Oh, the wondrous joys of summer, As they yearly come to me! When the iris is in blossom, Let me then from care be free To go [...]

Verse: Spirit of the Iris

Spirit of the Iris The joy of guardian angels, the irisdescent hues, Of many broken rainbows and ever glist’ning dews. A thousand varied tints of rose and gold and blue, [...]