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Historic Iris for Period Gardens

HIPS, and the office of the Retail Iris Sources Chairman, support historical accuracy in the restoration or creation of period gardens, and, whether you are an institution or a private [...]

I.D. Groundwork: PBF

Phil Edinger, ID Chairman Originally printed in ROOTS, spring 1992. In previous issues of ROOTS I’ve mentioned–even harped upon–the importance of noting the color of leaf bases. While you’ll find that perhaps [...]


by Mike Lowe, VA When you compare the photo of any given iris from your garden with that iris photographed a year later you might suspect a nefarious iris-napper stole [...]

Iris Books

A few older iris books have entered the public domain and are available to download in PDF format. To save the PDF file to your computer right click on the [...]

Iris Catalogs for Reference

Iris Catalogs for Reference To save the PDF file to your computer right click on the catalog you wish to download and select ‘save link as’. PDF files will open with [...]

Iris Color Classes and Patterns

Irises have specific color classes and patterns.  You’ll see them referred to in the following terms. For more in-depth information on iris colors and patterns, see the excellent article “What [...]