HIPS Programs

HIPS has many ways in which interested gardeners can get involved and help save our iris heritage. Whether you are new to irises or have grown them for years, we have a program for you!

Display Gardens – like sharing your garden with interested guests? Why not become a HIPS Display Garden? All you need are 15 named, marked historic irises and you are on your way!

Guardian Gardens – our flagship preservation program is our Guardian Gardens network. These dedicated gardeners grow and disseminate the rarest historic irises so they don’t disappear. Irises are shared among GG members each summer, eventually making their way to commercial gardens and even the HIPS iris sale. We are ready to welcome you into the network.

HIPS Breeder Collections – If you collect irises from a favorite breeder or two, we have just the program for you.

HIPS Member Databank – we ask HIPS members to please send us a list each year of the irises they grow. This is how we establish the rarity of an iris. We have handy forms to help you keep track if you need them.

Preservation and Rescues – HIPS stands ready to assist gardeners who are no longer able to care for their irises. We will assemble a team to do an “iris rescue” upon request, so the irises aren’t lost. Find out more!

Purple Coloration Types (PCT) Project – We’re assembling a database of irises that have purple coloration on various parts of the plant. This is an important aid to identification, and you can help!

Posterity Planning – It pays to think ahead. In this section, you’ll find information and forms to help you plan for the care and dispersal of your irises.