Our HIPS Member Databank

The HIPS Member Databank is our compilation of “who-grows-what”.  It’s one of the most valuable tools we have in saving historic irises, because our members are often the only ones growing them.  We use the Member Databank list to help identify the irises that are most endangered and belong in the Guardian Gardens network.

Please help our mission by sending in a list of the irises you are growing in your garden!
We’ve set up an 2022 Data Collection Form (Excel) you can download, fill in, save, and email to us at  [email protected]  You can also send us your iris information by downloading the 2022 HIPS Iris Holdings Data Collection Form in the Downloads section of our Member Portal. If you track your irises on your computer and would prefer to send a printout via regular mail or e-mail, that would be fine, too. Or make your own list on whatever paper you wish – we aren’t picky! Please email Marc for help.

Marc Hanes, Databank Chair
Email: [email protected]