The 2021 HIPS Sales Report

August 22, 2021

This year, we resurrected the HIPS Iris Sale. Our focus under our new format was to allow donors to offer collections of six varieties, to be shipped directly to our customers. We treated this year’s sale as a small trial-run for our new system, and we are pleased with the results, and ready to dream bigger next summer.

Financial Summary:

Our amazing donors sold and shipped 182 collections this summer; they deserve a huge round of applause. Donors then turned in receipts for shipping expenses, and were reimbursed. As of August 7th, the net profit for the sale stands at $5,930.

These funds will cover web hosting for our new website as well as other HIPS projects. We so appreciate everyone who participated in our sale: the donors for being both brave and patient with our new process, and the customers who will now be preserving new-to-them heirlooms in their yards, thus furthering the mission of HIPS. Thank you ALL for making it a great experience.

Quaker Lady

What’s next?

For next year, in addition to expanding the size of our sale, our sales team has two goals:

First, we’d like to expand the reporting window for donors to offer collections from their gardens. This year, the window was very narrow. Second, we’d like to find a way to offer a sale for our Canadian members. We hope to have a plan for both by spring.

-The HIPS Iris Sales Team

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