If you have any of these missing irises or know where they might be found, please contact Donita McDonald, the HIPS Breeder Collections Administrator, at [email protected].

Border Bearded:
Frisky Filly
Intermediate Bearded:
Alaskan Sky
Apricot Silk
Birch Grove
Broad Horizons
Buckeye Belle
Burning Gold
Dusty Rhodes
Lido Lady  FOUND!
Miss Ohio
Moon Sparkle
Shell Cameo
Violet Eyes
Miniature Dwarf Bearded:
April Blizzard
April Ice
Azure Wings
Baby Crystal
Baby Sapphire
Baby Venus
Berry Nice
Buckeye Baby
Cameo Cutie
Canary Baby
Crown of Snow
Derby Boy
Dottie’s Doll
Elfin Caper
Elfin Magic   FOUND!
Frosty Mite
Ice Cherub
Ivory Fashion
Little Drummer Boy  FOUND!
Micro Mini
Mini Minstrel
Pixie’s Sister
Pussytoes  FOUND!
Ruby Elf
Sand Run
Sunny Song
Tiffany Glass
Tiny Temptress
Tiny Tiara
Turquoise Halo
Wee Folk
Wee Ghost
Wee Viking
Western Circles
Standard Dwarf Bearded:
Alpine Valley
Antique Satin
Apricot Fancy
Apricot Party
Auburn Valley
Aztec Princess
Azure Puff
Baby Dragon
Bayberry Mist
Blackberry Jam
Blue Bumble
Blue-Eyed Maiden
Blue Surf
Blushing Ballerina
Brass Shoppe
British Blue
Burgundy Doll
Butterscotch Glow
Cactus Flower
Caramel Frosting
Carousel Belle
Carousel Charm
Carousel Prince
Carousel Princess
Cat’s Whiskers
Celestial Doll
Chapel Hill
Chocolate Kissed
Cincinnati Kid
Cinnamon Circles
Citron Ice
Concord Touch
Coral Wings
Cricket Lane
Cupid’s Choice
Dainty Diana
Dazzling Dominique
Derby Princess
Desert Honey
Dragon Slayer
Dusky Fawn
Erie Islands
Erin Lad
Fairy Fern
Fairy Jester
Fantasy Peach
Fiery Dawn
First Star
First Step
Fresh Face
Frilly Valentine
Frosty Crown
Half Moon Bay
Heavenly Music
Hermosa Rose
Honky Tonk Moon
Ice Crystal
Indigo Crown
Inner Accent
Jade Wizard
Jay Too
Jewel Lake
Jeweled Heart
Lemon Fantasy
Lemon Spot
Lime Mist
Love Triangle
Magic Charm
Maltese Kitten
Maple Frost
Meadowlark Lane
Midnight Zone
Morning Surf
Muted Mulberry
Mystic Plum
New Design
Night Circle
Ohio Belle
Orange Zest
Oriental Blush
Pastel Delight
Perky Pixie
Pink Crystal
Pink Panther
Pinto Pony
Pixie’s Sister
Platinum Ruffles
Pretty Miss
Pretty Tina
Prince Of Thieves
Proud Spirit
Quail Hollow
Quilting Bee
Rainbow Music
Raspberry Whip
Real Sweetheart
Secret Eye
Secret Prince
Siamese Kitten
Silk Lingerie
Sky Sailor
Smoky Pecan
Soft Magic
Spring Tracery
Star Of Erin
Star Search
Star Shower
Sugar And Spice
Tea Party
Tender Heart
Triple Touch
Twilight Mood
Velvet Eyes
Victorian Silk
West World
Wishing Star
Wisp Of Sky
Woodland Nymph
Tall Bearded:
Adorable Diva
Dearly Beloved